What makes Six Coffee ® so good?

We believe doing things smaller creates greater good.  We roast in small batches, allowing us to make precise adjustments to roasting temperature, airflow, and time.  This intimate, hands-on approach is the soul of Six Coffee.  We roast to order and ship to you within 48 hours. This allows you to enjoy the flavors of the[…]

What’s the best way to brew coffee?

We love French press.  One of the main benefits of brewing coffee in a French press versus a standard drip pot, is that more of the essential oils of coffee end up in your cup instead of a paper filter.  As a result, more oils produce a richer, fuller flavor. Also, more of the good[…]

What is One For Sea?

One For Sea is a campaign that encourages companies to donate 1% of their sales and/or their time for efforts to save the Salton Sea.  Being a small company allows us to make a big impact locally.  We’ve made one of our social responsibilities the Salton Sea — California’s largest body of water.  We pledge[…]